Did I find a BUG in CloneDVD2?

Hi All, I have an Issue with Clone DVD 2 (2901) and AnyDVD (6082) Not sure if it is a bug… but here goes… I purchased both CloneDVD & AnyDVD and then purchased Ultra Violet. I want to make a back-up for the mini van so if my friends trashed the DVD :Z I still can enjoy the org. Now, when I open CloneDVD2 and select the DVD writer the film starts to play in the preview window, I go ahead and un check all the previews and select just the movie with just the English sound… I proceed to hit “Go” and then “Oh Noo…” and an error pops up, CloneMap 2 TCE I looks at some of the threads but did not see any issues like mine, because I own the new versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD so it should rule out running an un-updated version. I tried running an old Nero but didn’t get far, same with the freebies (Ripit4me & DVD Decrypter - Starts getting a bunch of errors.) If anyone has any suggestions… Thanks in advance!

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then it sounds like you have some major scratches on your dvd’s. since you’ve tried different programs with no success. you might want to try a different dvd drive since some are better at reading then others. and if they are not scratched then possible they are badly pressed. try to exchange them.

I looked at the disk and it’s in good condition, (other then my finger print :slight_smile: ) and I tried both the DVD reader & Writer… I had the same problem with Underworld Evolution but then I had the old version of CloneDVD and Old AnyDVD, I upgraded them and had no problem.

Use AnyDVD ripper, try to rip to your HD and then use Clone to backup. Also you might try DVDFabDecrypter to rip first.

DVDFabDecrypter worked great. I still wonder why AnyDVD & CloneDVD2 didn’t work? At least now I have a backup for when this happens again. Thanks Kipper!

Capt. Canada