Did i downloaded a virus?



i was playing music on my computer and suddenly there was a noise - like drums beating up. and it is coming on from the computer even after i stopped playing the music. did i downloaded a virus?


You should really be running up to date AV software if your not and youve been surfing regularly with IE then chances are youre infested. try using an online virus scanner just google it.


what is av software. yes was running explorer.


av = Anti-Virus software
AVG Anti-Virus << it’s free


yea i dowloaded it and scanning now. upto now no trojan or virus. but befor ethis i used an online scan by trend and it showed a trojan and said its non deleteable??? i guess i am screwed. any way i can delete that trojan? with any program.


Try using Adaware and Spybot. You should be able to get them from www.fileforum.com :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


If you end up getting an antivirus, try updating, booting in safe-mode, then scanning from safe-mode. There won’t be any ‘can’t delete’ problems… only thing is you can’t do online virus scans because you can’t go online.


press alt ctrl del and tell us whats running - it helps :wink:


there are many many processes running. applications - only this ie explorer. can’t tell about some processes?what are they for? is what? confused.


WinXP’s Safe Mode With Networking should fix all that:)


so tell us whats running :confused: