Did I do this right?

I burned a Prodisc white hub printable dvd-r on my NEC 3520a at 12x speed. I then ran a test on Nero CD-DVD speed using my Hitachi DVD drive,(I opened Nero CD-DVD speed and clicked start) These are the results. Did I do this right?

As you are doing no disc quality scanning, you can do the transfer test in the NEC as well. The NEC will read burned discs all the way up to 16X so be prepared for some line zigs as you cross over 10X. On the plus side, if you get a straight line you have a really good burn. Most Prodisc has trouble going to 12X (you didn’t say what media code you had) but NEC has good luck with average media.

ok, the dvd code is verbatim mcc 02rg20 i’m trying the test again

this is the new test on my nec 3520

what does the steep dive at the end mean?

that it is having a problem reading the disc probably as it is not all that good at the outer edge

Try quality Made in Japan media. The NEC didn’t have problem reading up to 15X. Not bad for crappy media.

i did another test with the same media different burn… eek, I’m a noob but this looks ugly to me. The funny thing is I’ve watched this movie twice yesterday and there was no sign of any problems during playback.

I should’ve never done this, I was happy not knowing the quality of my burns. Ignorance is bliss. I find these test results to be disturbing. Could this be NEC reading the disc or is the the actual burn?

First, none of the tests you are running measure the quality of the burn. You are mesuring the ability of THIS drve to read a particular media. Second, MCC is not crappy media. The mcc 02rg20 code you are using is probably the CMC made MCC and it burns very well on NEC. It tends to have a bit of a rise at the end or at the beginning of the burn but the total is well below 50 PI and it is not a bad burn at all. Third, I would expect to see exactly the scans you are seeing above. NEC does not make the best readers. Their 35xx burners, unfortunately, read very fast with burned SL media. When you put these two things together you get the problems you have seen above. Some TY is more redable at the edge, but not always. I can read the same discs you have above on my LG with a straight line. I get the same drops when I read the disc on my NEC. Neither necessarily tells me anything about how good the media is, how good the burn is, or how well the disc will play on a particular DVD player. Players read no where near 16X.

If you stick with the media in my sig, (some G05 is lower quality) you should have no problems with you NEC. Be happy. If you really want to see burn quality you will need to get a drive that supports quality scanning. NEC will add this to their firmware soon.

Here is a link to a quality scan for MCC 02RG20. It is from my LG but it is not that different from what I get on my NEC. Far from crappy.


Thank you for the reply, this is very helpful and comforting. Another question, Does this read quality effect the quality of my decrypter when the movie is being copied to my hard drive?

It shouldn’t as the error checking will slow down the read speed if the drive is having trouble reading. Also, the NEC 35xx drives have a riplock in firmware that slows down the speed of DL discs quite a bit. Even with a firmware fix the speed is still limited to 8X. One other thing, if you have problems with a reading one drive, try your other.

Here is a link to NEC modified firmware. If you have not done this before READ CAREFULLY before you try anything. It will void your warrenty and can destroy your drive.


My NEC 3500 has no problem reading the TY media (burned @ 4X, 8X, and 12X) all the way up to 16X read. Your NEC is having some read issues with this media.

Your burst rate is quite low, per the test. Based on the last two graphs, something is breaking down at the higher burn speed (above 3.5GB mark). Could be hard drive throughput speed, CPU load, bad media, or bad burner. Check your total burn time at 12X.

These test were done with after I flashed the drive with a “3520fast.zip” the original NEC 1.04 with RIPLOCK removed. This may have caused some of the instability in the reading

furballi, TY is different.