Did i damaged my brand new USB hardrive?

well this morning i finished usng my USB HDD so i unmounted it and unplugged it but the usb cable as always…fell to the ground from the table and i had to bend down and pick it up…so i decided to be a smart-ass by plugging the USB cable 1/4 of the way in the usb port so that the cable is in a fixed position WITHOUT coming into contact with the port…

but i was wrong, all of the sudden my drive turns on and the LED light started flashing 12+ times in just a brief 3 seconds, to my horror i quickly jam the cable all the way in and my drive does show up in windows but windows gives out the following message

“a USB device has malfunctioned”

the USB HDD then shows up in explorer as Drive J, but when i click on it, it doesn’t open at all and nothing happens except another message that reads “please insert something somthing device in Drive J”

i was able to safely remove the drive and re-plugged it back in the pc, and i was reliefed to see that the drive pops up right away and all my files inside are all intact and the drive was in good working order. i’m still testing the drive right now and everything looks fine.

when the usb cable was hung up/dangling with only 1/4 of the way in, and my USBHDD turned on and started flashing the LED …
could it be possible that due to the extremely loose usb cable that’s inproperly plugged in, my USBHDD was actually powering on and off at an extremely rapid speed?
(aka powering on and off for 12 times in 3secs?)

should i be worried about motor damage/drive head crash?

my brand new

i kind of lost the usb cable that came with it so i was using a 7 year old USB cable instead with a very loose head part.

thank you so much for the help!!!

I doubt the disk crashed, it just power cycled a lot. Perhaps some servo motor might have taken a beating and therefore has a reduced lifespan now, but in general i wouldn’t worry too much.

Get a good cable and make sure your important data is safe by using good backup systems.