Did i catch fake Verbatims..?


Since today i have a very strange problem here. For the past several months i have burned around 100 DVD’s (all data DVD’s) using the same media - Verbatim DVD+R 16x ones. The code, given by IMGburn, is MCC-004-00 and i usually bought them in 25-packs.

Recently i bought a 50-pack because i knew i had to burn quite some. Which i did today.

After using up the rest of the old pack (4 discs burned fine as usual) the very first one of the new pack turned into a coaster - in fact i had a “I-O Error” message popping up, after which the writer itself would crash - it opened, but then wouldn’t close, disappeared from “My Computer” and i had to restart the computer.

Burned another one - no problem.

Next one - SAME PROBLEM AGAIN! Again rebooted to get the writer back working.

Next disk - no problem.

And the next - SAME AGAIN!!!

So as of yet out of five attempted burns with discs from this pack, three became coasters and in fact crashed the burner. All discs are the exact same as before - MCC-004-00, they look 100% identical to the ones that were in the 25-pack right down to the number stamped on the inner ring etc. Also the package was properly sealed, “Made in Taiwan” and all… but why would these suddenly cause such problems?

Or is this coincidentally my burner dying now? It’s a Lite-On LH-20A1P, DMA is on and i try to burn (as always) at 4x.

Thanks in advance for any advise…

your Thanh

Hi :slight_smile:
There are some fake MCC 004 Infiniti branded DVDs going around. Made in China.
As for the Lite-On have you tried ‘Clearing the OPC history’ ?

Hi Thanh :slight_smile:

Can you look around the hub of one of the discs from the 50 pack, and post the codes that you see?

They can be a bit hard to see unless you hold the disc up to the light properly.

Hello :slight_smile:

Thanks for both replies. About the “Clearing OPC history”, how would i do that? I am sorry but i just burn DVD’s for private purposes (even tough somewhat6 larger numbers), yet i am in no way professional in that sort of thing :slight_smile: And the discs are not branded “Infinity” but “Verbatim” just like the ones before, they came in a properly sealed “cake box” too.

I burned one more disc yesterday after posting here and it went without problem.

Today i started burning with two-in-a-row problem free (i increased burn speed to 6x after reading that burning “too slow” might cause errors, despite the fact i’ve done 4x all the time with those discs), the third one then became another failure but this time, despite getting the same “I-O Error”, the burner did not hard crash and i could continue without rebooting.

Disc 4 then went without problem.

Disc 5 was then yet another failure - exactly the same problem, and again the burner did NOT freeze so i could continue.

I just finished burning disc #6 and it completed without problems again.

VERY strange in my opinion - the burner isn’t old and i don’t think it’s faulty - or why would it burn every second one perfectly? It all started with this particular pack of discs.

Now the code on these discs (i’m reading it off one of the coasters):


This same code seems to be on all of them in this pack (i’ve checked all my coasters and a few from the pack as well as a couple of those that burned ok).

There is another number “burned” into the plastic itself, this is different from disc to disc, here’s one from a coaster:

PAPA05LE01071301 6

Here is the code from a couple of discs from the last pack (25-pack which all burned perfectly):


Again seemingly same code on all from that pack.

The “burned in” number from one of those:

PAPA19KD2204127 3

Also strange is that each “failed” one burned seemingly ok untill various stages - one crapped out at 8%, another at 23% and yet another got to 95% before generating the “I-O Error”.

So do i have fakes, or just a bad batch? Or a dying burner? I have to add that those WERE cheaper than usual - normally i pay 450 Baht (~13.25 us$) for a 25-pack, but these were 650 Baht (~19.10 us$) for the 50-pack, which is still around three times the price of “Princo” discs.

I hope some light could be shed on this issue here… i would very much apreciate that :slight_smile:

With kind regards…

your Thanh

Sounds like your having a lot of fun. I’d try using a blank DVD+RW to test with. This way if the burn issue continues at least you won’t be wasting money. If all goes well with the DVD+RW then buy some other blank media and try that. If the problem disappears, you were using defective media. If the problem continues. Send a new post. See if there is an update for your burners firmware? Sometimes this can be the problem. Make sure through Windows Task Manager, no programs are running in the background, which might interfer with the burn. Let me know if you don’t know how to use Task manager. What type of Internet Security software are you using? Do you know how to use MSCONFIG, and Safe Mode?

Looks like you’re in possession of a spindle of genuine, recent-production, CMC-made MCC-004 media. I’ll leave the troubleshooting to sharper minds–I’ve had too much weirdness with Lite-ons recently to give a coherent recommendation. :slight_smile:

Hmmm could be the writer. One way to tell is to buy a small amount of other discs, like sony or something. Just a 5 or 10 pack would be enough to test with.

If you encounter 0 problems, it’s the Verbatims and you should return them. If the problem persists, it could be your computer, something interfering with the writing process somehow. If you have another PC, you could take the Liteon out and put it in the other PC to see if it burns without problems.

I actually once had a very similar problem with my Pioneer 106. I just got myself a new PC and it began to fail during writing! I had no idea why but when writing the same image, the disc would fail @ the same spot. Found out my hard drive was faulty, 1/1000 thing and got a new one free. Encountered zero problems after that. So your hard drive could have multiple damaged spots on it causing these problems. It’s just a possibility and using another PC would be a good start.

Hello :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all replies.

About using a DVD-RW - unfortunately i don’t have one to try with. It would require me to go to the next computer store… i can’t do that today.

I did just upgrade the firmware of the burner from KL0A to KL0N, the latest available on Lite-On’s website. Let’s see if the problem persists… but i’m also out of data to burn now. Looks like i’m haunted.

Meantime disc #7 of the day was another failure, this time it locked up the burner again.

After the reboot, same compilation on disc #8 without problems.

After firmware upgrade now disc #9 also completed without problem.

I think i can rule out a computer problem as i haven’t changed anything around the computer yesterday between disc #25 of the old pack and disc #1 from the new pack - the only thing i changed were the discs :slight_smile:

I can also safely rule out a HDD problem as when one disc fails, i try to burn the exact same compilation on the next one - which usually works fine. Same goes for programs running in the background - of course there are some, but it’s always been like that. And the 100 discs before (four 25-packs of the same Verbatims) never failed - a single coaster out of those 100, and that was my fault because i forgot to change the speed settings in IMGburn after having burned a CD at 24x before.

Anyway thanks very much for all your inputs and help - i’ll have to wait until i again have a batch of discs to burn to see what happens.

Best regards…


Interesting. Well if you burnt so many verbs with no trouble before, it could be either this new batch that’s faulty, or somehow your writer got worse and is now having problems.

Another type of media would be a good test of what the problem is.

Btw, just so you know, writing @ 8x is regarded as the safest speed for quality and compatibility reasons, so I would stick to that for most 8x and 16x media.

Hi :slight_smile:
To clear the OPC history go [B][U]here[/U][/B] & download SmartBurn.
Run this program. It allows for setting of SmartBurn HyperTuning etc as well as clearing the OPC history.

I’ll second that. :iagree:


I’ve noticed that my last MCC 004 batch from CMC [B]doesn’t like 4X burning anymore.[/B]

These discs love @8X and @12X, though all my previous MCC 004 preferred @4X, at least in my burners (NEC 3540, LG H22N, BENQ 1650, PIONEER 109). EDIT actually, in the H22N my best MCC 004 burns are @16X, slower speeds produce disappointing burns (in my book).

I guess MCC/Verbatim decided to slightly change the characteristics of their 16X media to meet the demands of modern @18X/@20X burners.

[B]I bet that if you burn these at higher speeds (@8X or @12X) your problems will go away.
As a sidenote, if you’re burning everything @4X because you were misguided by the usual motto “the slower the better”, you have to know that things have changed, and that with recent burners and media this can be total nonsense. Most 16X rated media burn better @8X than @4X in a vast array of burners, not only because of the different media technology, but also because burner manufacturers know that most of the users will burn at high speeds, so they put more work in the strategies for these higher speeds.

Have you tried a disc from another packet, to discount whether its the burner that has failed?

Hello again.

Just wish to report - i gathered enough data for another “burning session” so i did the advised - cleared the OPC history, and instructed ImgBurn to burn at 8x.

Result: 6 consecutive DVD’s burned without the slightest problem.

Thanks everyone for helping me out on this issue :slight_smile:

With kind regards…

your Thanh