Did Hollywood steal the Matrix and Terminator?



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 DamnedIfIknow used our news submit to tell us "Story is dated April 14 of this year, but it is  interesting none the less. Hope she wins her case, then we can tell the MPAA to  go look in the...
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Anoher good line is… 'They’ve called me," says Stewart of others who have gotten in touch with her telling similar stories of theft. 'There are so many people that have been stolen from." Among the works that people are claiming were stolen from them are, “The Fast and the Furious,” “Life,” and “Drumline.” Nice one MPAA, I guss it just ous that have to pay for copyrighted works.


This link is very good… http://booksandwords.com/html/sophia_stewart_documents.html #ThirdEyeCopyright1 appended long link-messing up layout sigh
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Another good line… This domino effect could potentially end or greatly diminish the wink-and-snatch atmosphere in Hollywood regarding the intellectual property of writers.


She sounds like an idiot. Cameron was already sued for stealing the story concept of The Terminator from curmudgeon-author Harlan Ellison and he settled it. That’s why you sometimes see a tacked on credit acknowledging the works of Harlan Ellison to the end credit crawl of The Terminator. If Ellison proved it was his idea that was ripped off, it can’t also be her idea.


If they “settled” how did the guy “prove” anything? Either you go for trial and a verdict is given or you settle and nothing is proven.


It wasn’t Holywoods fault, they found it on EDonkey. How were they to know it was stolen :wink:


It’s not uncommon to press for settlement when one side stands to lose badly. Especially when the expected outcome can set off a major chain reaction like the case in the story. Also, it’s entirely possible that part of the other guy’s works might’ve made its way into the film.
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:slight_smile: I reported this act of piracy to the MPAA sites turn in a pirate hotline. Hope they act on it… :d


If you read closely, she admits that she stole the idea from the original Star Wars movie. So would that mean that George Lucas ultimately could claim that the Terminator and The Matrix trilogies are his too?:d In reading her interview, she sounds very much like Omoroso (sp?) from the original season of The Apprentice. Arrogant, I’m black this and I’m black that, etc. Doesn’t mean she is not right in her lawsuits, but I don’t understand why her race or the race of her characters in her stories have any bearing on the case. Afterall, the US is SUPPOSED to be a color blind society, afterall.


she did not say that that she copied the idea from starwars she was just saying how she percieved the story. “He’s put Satan’s point of view on the screen” shen then says that no one had ever done the second coming of christ which was true so she wrote about it ocuring in the future. Then the wachoiski’s ripped off her concept.


Good on her and i wish her the best of luck.


I’d love to see this woman try to sue Harlan Ellison next. He wouldn’t even need a lawyer, he’d just rip her to shreads. :d


Im happy that hollywood is getting a tast of what its doing to other ppl. I hope she wins good luck to her. The thing that pisses me of the most is that there using our government and tax money to stop there stuff from being stole but when they do it its ok. I hope that more people that have gotten the stories stolen should go after them and not settle so they have to pay the max.


http://www.slccglobelink.com/main.cfm/include/detail/storyid/785067.html ATTENTION. This case ended October 2004. Sophia Stewart won the case and collected record setting damages. Check out the link.