DID F!@# UP MY NEC ND2500a?



well i just flashed the drive with the firmware by harrie. still shows as v1.07 but i now have x8 available only problem now is that nero is hangng up, the led doesn`t do anything at all :confused: and is remains at 1% even after 5mins :a
what can i do?? get a new drive cos this is gonna drive me crazy or what?
and by the way i have a ps2, xbox and Gc and yes, i managed to backup ALL software with this writer and and dvd writer in particular. Even for gc yes!!! :wink: only problem is what am i gonna do now?!?!?! :sad:


what kind of 8x media are you using MID code please…
Personally I have experience the same kind of hangups on a true 2510A with 1.07b5d. I do think that it has as to do with either the media or Nero…


i had this happen with me once, i hade to shut down the pc and power off leave it a few mins and reboot. if that dose not work reflash to the old firmware and try again. :confused: