Did BeAll solve their problems with losing data over time?

Specifically the G40001, white top printable.

Some people say it loses data over a few months time. But I also heard BeAll recalled lots of disks and fixed the problem. Whats the story?


There is a long thread in here regarding the BeAll medias-

Last word was that the problems continue with the 4x -

I have about 75 of these purchased from Meritline a year ago - and I hesitate to use them-


Never have a problem with pink top surface Beall 4x DVD-R media .
Also most people http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia.php?dvdmediadvdridsearch=BeAll%20G40001%20

I don’t know about the latest ones since I only ordered these disks once (about 2 years ago). They seemed OK to begin with, but I went through some of my backups recently and they wouldn’t play anymore. I have to assume these were the Beall -4x since the only ones I used in the past were Ritek -4x. I only trust TY media now. Even their “value” -R 4x media seems pretty good to me. :slight_smile:

BeAll still has some 4x DVD+R/-R stock. BeAll’s relationship with consumers has grown very troublesome especially in the past several months. Not only that, BeAll’s marketing company no more recommends Samsung drives.

It’s funny because BeAll people are former Samsung employees and BeAll still uses Samsung’s headquarter infrastructure.

Maybe last production which still in stock ,were made in low quality control test, cause sales went to 8x media worldwide and people not ask for 4x quality media anymore.