Did anyone get their Staples rebates back from Black Friday?

Did anyone get their Staples rebates back from Black Friday? Still waiting .

I’m still waiting for my hard rebate.

Still waiting, although they’ve been sent out according to their site. Actually I received one rebate yesterday. About 5 more to go though :stuck_out_tongue:

waiting for 2 rebates on harddrives (different addresses). damn rebate stress.

I got mine yesterday!

Got mine on Monday, the 29th.

I got 2($125) of 5 yesterday. The status of the other 3($102) “mailed”. $227 total.

I got one (of two) yesterday.

I have never had any problems NOT getting the Staples rebates. They are often slow but they do eventually come.

No and look like the Staples at this time is really getting bad for receiving your rebate. It used to be 4 weeks no 4 months and still no new of having rebates back.

I received 4 rebate checks from black friday yesterday . I used easy rebates and it took over 2 months.

So may be cycle sending the rebates check lkhas started this week we all might receive the long awaited check any day.

I got my CRUZER 1 GB stick rebate yesterday, still waiting on the Playo DVDs…

I just got my third Circuit City rebate. They still owe my a manufacturer’s rebate on a spindle of neXXtech dvd+r.

I just got my $50.00 rebate today. The whole “Easy Rebates” deal is a bit of a stretch.

I both emailed staplesrebtes.com and called on 01.24.07 I’m pretty sure those are the only reasons I have my check in hand.


I got all of my black friday Staples easy rebates today $274.00 total.I never had any problems with the Staples easy rebates.

I doubt your calling or emailing made any difference one way or the other, as everyone has been getting their Black Friday rebates in the past few days. I just received 4 of my remaining 5 rebates today, the only one remaining is for the Playo DVDs ($50 total for the +R and -R discs).

Received my $120 in the mail today from Staples.

C ya,

Not for me yet.

i had forgot about sending in my rebates…untill i got my money in the mail…i LOVEEEE getting money !!:wink:

My rebates are slowly starting to show up. I have 6-7 of them coming.