Did Anydvd kill my drive?

My DVD burner died shortly after updating to a recent version of Anydvd (somewhere around 5.8.X.X). I was not using the computer at the time, but this is the story I got. I loaded Saving Private Ryan in DVD shrink and let it backup while I left. Someone came along and stopped it after it backed up and canceled burning it with DVD decrypter ( I only mention this because it happened shortly before the drive died, it seems harmless though). Then a Anydvd update was downloaded and installed (I think or automatically. After the reboot the drive tray would go in and out randomly at any time and would not respond to the close button or pushing in the tray, it would also not read any type of media. I should note that the tray popped out during the BIOS during boot up, before windows even started. I tried many things (reinstalling, firmware, etc.) but it would not work so I got a replacement drive from Compaq. Also, I tested a spare (different) drive on this machine and it worked fine. Anyways, my question is weather I should shrug this off as a coincidence and put the replacement burner in and load up AnyDVD again, or if I should not chance loosing another drive. Thanks!

Compaq Presario SR1630NX
2.2 Gigahertz AMD Athlon 64 bit processor
Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2
512 Megabytes Installed Memory
HP dvd640 internal DVD Writer DVD+/-RW

Just a coincidence, AnyDVD is merely a driver, it cannot destroy your drive.
Download and install from Slysoft.com, enter your key, and you’ll be good to go.

To the best of my knowledge, the problems you were experiencing were no fault of AnyDVD.
Their are options in AnyDVD for drive speed control, but none for eject, that I am aware of.
I would be more inclined to suspect that damage was inflicted upon it by the person that shut down your burn.
Another possibility may be conflictiong commands by different softwares running at the same time.
As for your update, AnyDVD will at your option check to see if a new version is available, but only informs you that an update is available, and does not automatically download and install it.
It is very important to shutdown AnyDVD before installing over an old version, and a reboot is required immediatly afterwards.
Also you said that a different drive worked correctly, but you didn’t say if you had uninstalled AnyDVD before installing a different drive.

Hey, thanks a lot guys! I’ll install the new drive and reinstall AnyDVD and let you know how it went.

I uninstalled AnyDVD after the origanol drive started having problems, it didnt help, and it was not installed when i tested my spare drive.