Did anybody try ProDisc 8X DVD+R 4.7GB

did anybody try ProDisc 8X DVD+R 4.7GB with a nec 2500 .
what do you guys think ?

Just bought a spindle of 25 yellow topped branded DataWrite 8X DVD+R. They have PRODISC R03 media code. Burnt a couple of backups using DB’s HP 1.27 based firmware bitset to DVD-ROM, so far outstanding results:) Perfect read curve in CD/DVD Speed and plays on all 3 of my standalone’s.

yes ive used them they burn ok with the nec…personally i like the pioneer A07xl for these disks get alot better results…but the nec is adequate…i really like the r02s better though.

Hey Jamos. I just bought these from accaproducts. Are these r02s or r03s? I have not received them yet but thought you might know.

Thanks. I think I bought these from a link you posted in another post but it was pretty late and I was tired when I ordered them (I know, should have been alert when ordering my media) :slight_smile:

@dman68, the discs you purchased are ProdiscS03.
ProdiscR02 is the 4X certified DVD+R and ProdiscR03 is the 8X certified DVD+R.

what you think is better the bell dvd- x2 or prodisc dvd- x4 and can i use the original firmware or i have to use the henrries .

Prodisc 8x DVD+R …

how ? is it good ?

I’ve had some very good results with 8x Bulkpaq Printable Prodisc R03. I’ve already uploaded some results somewhere in this forum.

Prodisc R03 8x burned at 8x in NEC2500A

Intenso DVD+R 8x Prodisc R03 booktype DVD-Rom, burned and scaned at 8x

Nec 2500a firmware TDB HP520n 2.21

not sure why but my luck with them was less than stellar:

wierdly enough it reads fine in cd speed