Did Anti-Piracy Bureau of Sweden plant evidence?

I just posted the article Did Anti-Piracy Bureau of Sweden plant evidence?.

noobse used our news submit to tell us "Concerning the bust at the Swedish ISP Bahnhof on March 10, 2005. Today IDG Sweden reported that Bahnhof has posted their findings as a PDF (swedish) of an…

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RE: This is very hard to believe that someone that is supposedly on the side of the law would be so foolish! well, remember operation ‘bucaneer’ or whatever it was called? the fbi setup a high-bandwidth / high-capactiy “top site” for all the major groups to trade across… it was literally an IP fishnet. i’ll bet CA$H that this “Rouge” guy was busted doing something, and his only option was to work with the APB and make a fishnet for some IPs. i wouldnt be suprised to see some more news about major sites getting busted very soon

In the USofA there is a term for that: entrapment. This is illegal in itself. It was used against the late John DeLorean by the FBI to try and entrap him into buying cocaine.

Whos John DeLorean, you mean the Irish car maker funded by cocane sales and fueling the IRA scumbags where is he now HA HA HA!!! great to see major sites getting busted the so called untouchables are falling.

Check www.welcometothescene.com it`s a etv show about a FICTIVE warez group that spead movies around the net. And also have a FBI investigation on them. It al Fictional but vey cool to watch, see it a sneak peak in the world of warez.

John DeLorean is NOT Irish, has/had nothing to do with the IRA, and HATES drugs. That’s why his conviction was eventually overturned, but the media doesn’t like to make a big deal of that kind of thing. (A member of his family happens to be a close friend of mine.)

@ Tinky; You`re even dummer then i thought before:X

Don’t make me give you a lesson in the English Language again. I will give you a lesson in history, though. DeLorean was AMERICAN, he opened a car manufacturing plant in my home city of Belfast (about a mile from where I live) and was funded with BRITISH TAXPAYERS’ MONEY. The cars were shipped to the US and ONLY SOLD THERE. So your idea of him being an “Irish car maker” is incorrect on all levels. The COCAINE came later, when the car business went tits up. The FBI posed as drug suppliers and DeLorean was charged with buying cocaine with intent to supply but he was acquitted because entrapment was used. Where you got the idea that the IRA was involved in any of this is, frankly, beyond me. As a matter of fact, you should maybe watch what you say in public as you could be sued by DeLorean’s estate for slander and defamation of character. Come to think of it, given Mr DeLorean’s reputation, the IRA could probably do the same. Although I have my own reasons for not liking the guy (a lot of friends were employed by him and he left them high and dry) I do not see that as an excuse to take pleasure from his death. For you to do so is, well, not unexpected. It never is where a wanker is concerned. As for “major” sites, I’d never heard of this one.