Did ahead plan a Nero Recode version for linux?

Hello people. I’d like to know wether ahead planned a nero recode version. It would be very useful. Thx Mauro

I’m sure that mathf might reveal, slowly, some of the plans for NeroLinux. I am really hoping for CoverDesigner…it’s one of the only things that I still boot up into Windblows for when doing CD/DVD stuff! Seems like it would be an easy app to blow over to the Linux side being basically a page-layout program with templates.

Recode, however, would be more complex, donsidering that they would either have to create their own API or use existing encoding tools on the computer already (meaning, dependencies!).

For me, I am just interested in the whole master plan for this Nero Linux. Is it worth it for them to do (being a commercial software house)? How strong is there commitment? Can we rely on this being around for a long time? Will they continue to enhance the capability? Will they come out with a GTK2 version? Is it acrtually selling? (well…this is a difficult one…becuase of the serial number thing…people like me use an existing serial number from Nero6). I also bought Nero 7 because I’m a Nero Junky…even though I don’t use Windows much anymore…geez…I paid $100 minus the upgrade rebate for it and I’ll probably use the Linux version more!!!

I’m rambling, but it would be nice to see a roadmap…something we don’t get from commercial houses much…