Dicsspeed: pioneer 108 and disc quality

I have recently installed new Nero 8 and discspeed with it, but now I cannot use disc quality scan option. Using works fine. Is this option disabled intentionally?

Hi joriq, congrats on your fisrt post! :slight_smile:

Pioneer requested that support for Disc Quality scanning in CDSpeed/DiscSpeed be removed, because the Pioneer drives don’t report reliable error numbers.

Support was removed in CDSpeed and some version of DiscSpeed but I’m not sure which version.

If you need to run Disc Quality scans on your Pioneer drive(s), you can use the older version, but this is not recommended because the Pioneer drives don’t report reliable PIE/PIF and C1/C2 error counts.

ok, but there was a registry hack or sth that I used a couple of years ago. BTW, for me, results are relevant, since they show which disks are OK precisely, although the numbers might not be 100% percent right (graphs don’t lie either).