Diamond Viper V770- OpenGL



Hey i am having some problems with my Viper V770 Drivers. When i play Quake 3 and Halflife which use OpenGL, i get an error about vprogl.dll (the open gl driver) and the game crashes. The updates on the website dont work right either so i dont know what to do. Please Help!



I don’t know your comp. set-up but the Detonator 3.68 drivers from NVIDIA are working for me.
Get them at www.nvidia.com

yours InDy…


Check out the dutch forum and look under the title VIPER 550 from LUDO.You have to translate a little bit,but who gives a fu.shit ?
Greetings from LU


Download The Nvidia Detonator and instal it,
when that doesn’t work, remove everything
that is from the Viper 770, Also in REGEDIT,
and the INF, when you’ve done that, instal the newest driver from the hastec site and the detonator as wel.

By GijZzEl


Download the latest fixes for the Viper770 and update the direct x!

Good luck

Big Daddy


Thanks Guys. I eventually got it to work- i needed to get an AGP update for my m/b and then i could use the NVidia Drivers without locking up. Thanks again for your help.