Diamond Rio?



Does somebody know how much time you can put on a Diamond Rio with 32mb flash memory?


It depend on what quality you put your mp3’s on it.

If you set it at 128 kbs, ± 30 min.


Is that the normal at good songs.


I have a rio too and i put 32 kbps mp3s on it the sound is very well and playing time is 2 hours

16 kbps = 4 hours
32 kbps = 2 hours
64 kbps = 1 hour
128 kbps = 1/2 hour
256 kbps = 1/4 hour

you have also other options such as 92 kbps


A friend of mine had a Diamond Rio (sold it already), personally I find it’s not worth buying it… here’s why:

  1. The device is expensive, you can easily buy a portable cd player for that price

  2. Each time you want to listen to other mp3’s, you have to transfer your mp3’s on your harddisk to the mp3 player (time consuming)

  3. 30 minutes of playback is far too low… it’s maybe 8 songs or so… not worth all the work.

The only advantages: shock free playback and batteries that last nearly forever (no motorisation like in a discman or a walkman)


Maybe the new Diamond Rio 500 is something.


Are the nomad jukebox, you can store up to 6 gigabyte mp3 on it


Yeh cool. But what is the price?


I think it costs around the 400$
It has been on the cdfreaks news a time ago.
Maybe you better check the news and follow that link


You’d better buy a MamboX. It’s a kind of discman which can play normal CDDA’s (Audio cd’s) and every MP3CDROM!!! It costs about 500 guilders, is shock protected and can play for about 14 hours with a pair of batteries. Lots better then a Diamon Rio huh? If you wanna know more or take a look at it, go to www.mambox.nl



I believe the Nomad Jukebox was around the 800/900$. And when does the MamboX comes out Dee-ehn?


I dunno for sure when the MamboX will be available, but I tought it to be somewhere around april. That’s worth the wait, isn’t it??


Does it also has shock proof?


hey everybody

look at all the forums here on cd freaks:

there is an topic that tells you how to build an mp3 player from an discman…

  • you must buy an chip or something

if it works please post it here

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