Dial-up modem

My Dell Inspiron 530 has no dial-up modem. How/where do I get one so I can access internet using my dial-up ISP provider

I would suggest getting a USB 56k modem. These typically cost €30 to €50.

Most of them now are no lo larger than a mobile phone and don’t require a power cable.

For ease Seán is correct but for price & what most people use a dial-up modem for just a backup get a low price internal 56k.

If you are going to only be using dial-up then get the best one you can.It’s been a while but the better ones used to have their own processor & probably still do.

I have an included dial-up account with my DSL .My modem is a 56k but the ISP uses 28k ones to recieve so this limits my dial-up speed to 26k.When I had a pay for dial-up account with another ISP I usually got 38 to 42k but the distance of my loop is long.So that was better than expected.That was with a cheap internal.
So if you are going to buy a better one make sure you ISP isn’t going to throttle it back with 28k modems on their end.