Dial-up and Propel.com



I am trying the free 7 day trial from here http://www.propel.com/index.jsp?rid=1&aid=F0AAE62D7FB672A3057EB2C0B25A3EB9&ver=
Dial-up isp is my only option from home and was wondering if anyone else had seen or tried this service. Any comments welcome.


No offence, but this looks real crap to me. With dialup you mainly get the best speed of server, just because most webserver are really able to serve you up to 5.5 KB without any problem. Also caching, which means it stores the data on your computer is already done by Internet Explorer (Temporary Internet Files) and persisentent connections will not help you to go above your limits of your dial up modem. This is all about marketing, but it just won’t work…

If you want more cache, change your internet settings! That’s the only thing that can speed up your connection…