Diagnosing my drives

I have 2 drives

  1. Hitachi GD7500 DVD-ROM
  2. Teac DW-224E Combo CDRW/DVD (Laptop)
    and they stopped in reading DVD disks, is there a utility that can diagnose them and tell me what the fault is or do i just make a firmware update?

Have you by any chance changed the disks you were using, if so this could be the reason why, certain disks work better than others, my advice would be to search the web for your dvd drive and see what sort of disks people recommend, either that or yes do a film update. Problem with Film update is that it is in some cases impossible to revert back should it make the problem worse.

Type in on the web something like problems with disks using Hitachi GD7500 DVD-ROM and so fourth and see what comes up in the search.