Diagnosing CD/DVD drive problem (LG GSA-4082B)



[qanda]This thread is about the LG GSA-4082B. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello,

i’m really hoping someone can help me out. I’m trying to figure out why the audio on my girlfriends laptop keeps skipping when she attempts to listen to music or watch a DVD. I believe it is a drive/hardware problem because it only seems to happen when the media is being played from a disc. Also I don’t think it is the speakers, because no matter what the volume is at set to it always seems to skip/echo.

i have done some searching and i have found some suggestions:
-try cleaning it
-uninstall the drive and then search for new hardware (Can i do this safely? I’m afraid i will do it and she won’t have the disk to reinstall the driver) the drive is a HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA 4082N
-Also there was something mentioned about disabling an IDE or IDA (no clue what that is)
-Could it possibly be some kind of overlapping sound issue? (two components trying to do the same thing)? - i made that one up, it is my uneducated guess
-it doesn’t seem to be a memory issue. The CPU usage meter is never going above 40% when the problem is occurring.

Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appericated. She is a university student so i would love to get this repaired over the break before she needs her laptop back.

Her Laptop is a LG X note P1. 1.83 GHz, 1 GB of ram, T5600 @ 1.83 GHz

Thank you so much for your time and assistance


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What kind of files are giving problems exactly? Are these video files (avi, xvid, vob, etc) or audio files (mp3, flac, ape, etc)?

Check if DMA is enabled (see a link in my signature for more details).

Another cause is that you are using bad burned media. The most frequent cause of this is that you are using low quality discs and/or you are burning these discs at the wrong speed. Try to burn again on a Verbatim and see if this solve the problem :slight_smile:


Hi Geno

The laptop owner says it occurs for any media being played from a disc. I’m testing it right now by playing a DVD through two different programs (Power DVD and Windows Media), because they both seem to have the problem.

I switched to the DMA and at first i thought it worked, but then when i went to the title menu of the DVD the problem was still obviously there. It seems to occur most noticeably when the DVD is first started or resumed (almost as if it has to buffer a bit).

I don’t think it is a case of bad media, because it still occurs when i’m trying to watch a fresh, non-ripped cd or DVD.


I should mention that the skipping is more of a crackling ( the kind of noise you would get from a recorder player). Also, if i bypass the built in speakers and use headphones the problem persist


Can you check discs in a different computer? It seems that the internal drive have difficulties in reading the discs. Often laptop drives have such issues :frowning:

Another test you can do is with a different player. Try VLC (it can be used also as portable software, i.e. no installation is required (download the zip version and unpack it in any folder you like, also an USB pendrive).

BTW, it is better if you keep DMA always enabled :slight_smile:


It’s not the CD because it happens with every CD or DVD, and it will work the fine on my dvd player or computer. I tried VLC and the problem remained. I’m quite convinced it is a problem with the driver, because it only occurs when playing media from a disc. I reinstalled all the audio drivers and the problem continues. No clue what to do about the driver acting up