Diablo2 .. Pls Help

:bow: Hello, you might have had this question before but you have it again :stuck_out_tongue:

I bough a copy of Diablo2 a couple of years ago costing £20 and when we moved house i lost it…
I didnt complain i just went and bought another one costing again £20…
When i lost the playdisk cd (somehow got threw in the bin) i didnt want to spend yet another £20 so i downloaded all the files that are on the playdisk…
The cd burned fine and installed fine… (using Nero)
But when i came to playing it, it says insert playdisk…
Why is this a problem when the game uses the playdisk to install the game…
I have tried programs to play the game without cd support but you need to run the game before you take the cd out
Please help if you have had this problem or know how to solve it xxx

Assuming you burnt the cd correctly, you will have to use an atip hiding program like clone cd’s “hide cdr media” function.

I’m sure if you contact the distributor of diablo 2 in your country, They would replace the game at a much cheaper price than what you would pay for in a shop. Some distributors just charge for the cost of the cd (not whats on it) and mail charges. :slight_smile:

Ermm… how will i do that cd clone thing :confused: lol

If you have clone cd installed, look in the tray icon options for “hide cdr media” and make sure there is a tick next to it, or you could just play it from a normal cd/dvd rom as most can’t read atip.


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