Diablo2: Lord of Destruction



Hey guys i know this has been discussed many times as i've found out with the search feature but i still cannot backup my LoD cd. I have tried eveything the posters said and nothing worked.

I am using CloneCD 3.3.4. and I have a Sony 24x10x40 burner. What EXACT settings do i need for both making the image and then burning it.

Plz help i've wasted like 5 cds trying to get it working and i still get the same old error "Please insert the correct disc....".


Are you playing this from the burner? Have you enabled “Hide CD-R Media”? (Not US or JP). Have you looked at the must read links in my signature below?


i was running the cdr from both my burner and my dvd (pioneer 16X) I tried everything in the “red link” as u called it and i still got the same error. even when i did a new image and used daemons tools it would still give the same error. Would this suggest that i am actually imaging the cd wrong?


I made a copy of this game 2 weeks ago as a test. I used my crappy LG CED 12x drive too!

These should be your EXACT settings:

Read to Image File
(I would use your DVD drive.)
READ speed: MAX
SubData: YES
SubAudio: YES
Abort on read error: YES

Speed: MAX
Always close session: YES

That’s all, it should work.
Oh, I think you have to run the game ONCE from the original CD before you can play with the backup. Can’t 100% confirm this but, with my backup, it didn’t work either. It kept giving me, INSERT CORRECT CD. So I popped in the original CD and the game worked. Exited, put in the Backup, and it has worked fine ever since.

Hope I helped somehow.


This game is protected with securom new so if you have a burner with at least 16 bytes of subchannel options you should be able to back-up this game without problems.Keep in mind you need to read suchannel data and write it WITHOUT correcting it.

Good luck!


Only LibCrypt requires an uncorrected Q write. Only a 96 byte write can do this. SecuROM does NOT require an uncorrected write