Diablo II patch 1.11b: Securom

Hello everyone!

I registered awhile ago but only just know got the itch to really take some action preserving my all time favorite games… so here’s my current ordeal:

I’ve never backed-up a game before, but I desperately want to play D2, and even more so want to be able to put the stock CDs away for good.

Because my Diablo 2 is the collectors edition(not installing Lord of Destruction for now), I cannot buy new IDENTICAL ones anywhere, and so have an especial need to be sure I never have to use the original CDs again. To sleep at night, I want to use at least 3 different methods for max compatibility of backups and assuredness originals can rest peacefully.

I used A-Ray scanner before (CDs say D2 v1.0) patching and after patching to the latest(v1.11b). Before patching it was securom 3.17.xx.xxxx, now it is as in this message’s subject.

I’m not using the expansion just now because I want to make sure I have perfectly working backups of vanilla D2.

Also, it is as vital to me I have no emulation hanging over my head as it is that I BREATHE.

Note: I don’t have a plexwriter premium, but I do have a Plextor PX-716SA writer (my DVD-ROM is the Sony 16x DDu1613). Now… I’ve seen several securom 3.x and 5.x applicable backup methods on this forum, and it’s all quite confusing. But I’m GUESSING I need to do, sans a pw-prem. is use CloneCD’s basic “read sub channel data” or basic serurom rip mode and then also THIS method and THIS one to complete my desired 3.

Let me know what I should do or what you think! Yes, I know I am paranoid and an overkiller!


I almost forgot!
Tell me, with the game CDs (play CD) basically being set in stone as far as any patches(just software) the developer may release is concerned, it obivously cannot have it copy protection updated with patches… so how do increasing securom/safedisc versions improve protections at all with just new software?

That’s all.

Sorry I didn’t post this sooner (a week ago)… I’ve been playing 25/8 since then, so I was busy, ya know? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah! Success! Backed-up (emulation free!) my first protected-CD game, which also happens to be my favorite. Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming.

So for the shit of it, here are my details for reference…


Diablo 2 Collector’s v1.0 - Secrom=
Patched to 1.11b - SecuROM=

processor = Athlon 64 4000+ (939)
OS = Win XP SP2

optical reader: Sony DDU1613 16x dvd-rom
reader firmware: I think its 9YS2 (in XP SP2 device manager>this drive’s properties>details tab>1st 2 entries mention this several(4x) times total

optical writer: Plextor PX-716SA (see HERE )
writer firmware: 1.06

Nero Burning ROM - v6.6.0.6
Alcohol 120% - v1.9.5 (Build 4327)
A-Ray Scanner (for patching the Alcohol format images as directed in the guide)

Also, I did all disc reading with only the Sony drive.

As I mentioned above I am just using vanilla Diablo 2 (Collector’s Edition, thought I doubt it’s different than non), no LOD expansion. Also, note: the CDs all say “v1.0”.

First I made install-ONLY CDs using from the 3 discs (#2 being the Play Disc) using just Nero Burning Rom 6. I saved the images to hard disk for safe keeping and then just did regular Nero burns to 3 blank TDK 52x CD-r discs. I made a install-only discs because I wanted to completely avoid any problems a custom/tweaked securom-like disc allowing play but not installation.

I used THIS guide, but set all read and write speeds to 4x, whereever possible.

I think that’s everything anyone would need to know.

So, tell me what you think, or any questions you have.


Hi Sinsearach, what I did to backup D2 was:
-Read the Play Disc/LOD Disc using Fast Error Skip and Read Subchannel Data (format: mds/mdf)
-Read Movies and Install Discs using the Normal CD profile (format: iso)
-Burned all the 4 images to a DVD
-Mount the image when I play (with either Daemon Tools or Alcohol), no emulation needed
I’m doing this to most of my games, it saves me the trouble of swapping discs :wink: