Diablo-II-LOD_Stop Error etc...?!

Does anyone know what could be causing a STOP error when I’m playing D-II-LOD (1.09)? Sometimes I can play for hours and nothing happens, other times the game will crash my system (XP 2400, GTS-2 (41.09), 256M ram) even when I’m not playing it, just idling with it running etc… It seems like it’s a randomn occurance? Also I’ve seen an nv4(something something.dll error… if anyone has some ideas, I’d appreciate them, thanks again!


its a crash in d2-lod that not even blizzard knows how to fix. All they tell you to do is uninstall diablo and re-install it and run it in 2D mode. But no matter how many times you do this it still crashes. I’ve found 2 places where it crashes on my system and thats in the tech support channel when i press the arrows on the side to scroll through the players in the channel. The second occurs after i kill andariel then go through the portal to town, as soon as i click somewhere in town or on warriv it crashes. Some of the time it just goes down at any time but always on the 2 i said.

(Thank for the reply) So, you’re saying that it could be just a randomn bug among diff boxs, like your’s does it in those spots and mine does it, well, I’ve yet to narrow down any spots, cause like I said; it sometimes will play for hours and other times it plays for a few minutes and then BLUE SCREEN Ack… I should try the tech support thingy, but the site was loading awefully slow, but thanks though! :slight_smile:

it still happens randomly for me but it happens most of the time in those spots that i mentioned. I was communicating with blizzard tech support for about 2/3 weeks and still no reason could be found as to why it crashed unexpectadly like it does. In win98se it crashed but nowhere near as much as it does in win xp. But as you said i can play for hours too crash free but sometimes it can crash every 5 minutes

Originally posted by V12|V12
Also I’ve seen an nv4(something something.dll error…

This is a well-known error with Windows XP and NVidia drivers.

Make sure your Windows as well as your video drivers are fully updated, in order to fix this problem…

i had the same problem… Built a great system and D2 crashed sometimes in 5 minutes… sometimes in 2 hours… I googled the problem too death and found tons of possible solutions but the only one that worked was to switch video cards and get away from NV 7000-8000 series cards… others may be a problem as well but the ATI has been running D2 for 10 hrs with not so much as a fliker! woha. Blizzard seemed to blame NV and visa-verse but no matter as switching the cards worked.