Diablo II Expansion problems



Okay, here’s my question. I’m trying to make a copy of D2X and it works fine, using ClonyXL and CloneCD. Works fine for the install, but still gives me a game.exe error and asks for the Expansion CD. I did it at work with a Sony CRX140E, I’m going to try again at home where I have an ACER 1208A. Any tricks or something obvious that I’m missing? Appreciate the help.


Did you have read subchannel from data enabled when you read the cd?


Yes, I pulled the settings from Clony. The only thing I’m trying now is that I don’t remember if I had the fast error skip box checked. Giving that a whirl right now.


You don’t need fast skip error enabled.
Only read subs from datatrack.

When i made a backup i used my Mitsumi 4804as reader and my Acer 1208 as writer.

btw do you have several cdroms/writers? If you do it could be smart to install/play the game from the unit with the “first” letter.

(meaning if cdrom is E: and dvd is F: use the E drive)


Unfortunately, I don’t have dual drives. I’m just making an image, saving to the hd, then burning the image. The other thing I’m trying, which is painful is writing at 1x to see if that will help.


That didn’t work either. I guess I’m just going to have to try it out on my ACER at home.


btw, do you try to play the copy in your writer?

If you do it isn’t strange it wouldn’t work since Securom 2 don’t work in a writer. Only in cd roms.


Duh!!! That’s what I get for working on this problem too long! Thanks for your help on this problem.