Diablo 2

I know there has been alot of posts about Diablo 2, but I never got Diablo 2 to work without emulation or hide CDR media. (That’s with the update patch.) So I was wondering, can the new breakthroughs made with SecuROM 4 be used with Diablo 2 so I can run it straight off the CD without any kind of emulation? Thnx for info.

diablo 2 takes subchannel reads

Your everyday CloneCD securom profile can replicate this game 1:1
Ive done it successfully with my Liteon 12101b so its not a difficult protection (though im not sure which version of the ptach you are refering to?)

-=][Y]{=-, did you use the “Regenerate Data Sectors” option when you read an image? Cause there is a Securom profile as well as a Liteon securom

read 8-16x, your choice

read audio subs
read data subs

do not modify subs on burn
burn 8-16x or so.

test on cd-rws

no need for regenerate bad sectors, i dont think.

search the forum if this isnt helpful enough - d2 was certainly discussed at the time of its release.