Diablo 2

Hey all,
For anyone who has knowlege in this,
I’m trying to make a backup of Diablo 2 and the installation disk and cinematics copied fine, but when i copied the Play disk and try to play the game from the copied play disk, it ays insert diablo 2 disk…
I used clonecd and copied the orginal to my hd @ 1x and then from my hd to the backup @ 1x using an acer 12832.
Any suggestion to help me out???

If your Acer drive is CRW 1208A then it supports RAW-DAO94 and correct EFM writing which means you can copy SD2 games as well !
If It’s not the above then you will have to specify the exact model number !

Diablo 2 is a Securom protected Game so in order to copy it you wil have to enable reading of SubChannel Data in CloneCD !

Just to be on the safe side … enable reading of subchannel data from both Data and Audio !

If there is no Audio on the CD then CloneCD wil simply ignore the “Read Subchannel Data from Audio” option !