Diablo 2 v1.09

I know this topic has been revied a numourus amount of times… but after reading so many post/replies i still cant get my backup to work. Ive had to download the .ISO of play disk and burn it again because of a accident involving dogs and high altitudes… damn planes and airport security. anyways i have tried burning the ISO using Securom and securom new, but still get the “Please insert Play disk and retry” error.
Is there something else i havent done? ive seen post mention ATIP, should i try using CDclone too?
I have enebled ignore media too.

Thanks in advance

Yes, buy a replacement for your damaged disc. The time to make a back-up copy is before any damage is done not afterwards. Like it or not, your downloaded image file isn’t legal and we can’t help you further.

However, you should note that most game distributers will provide a replacement for a damaged disc at substantially reduced cost so long as you can prove that you have actually bought the game in the first place.