Diablo 2 runs really slow?

I recently tryed to play the game Diablo 2 and when ever I try to load it it takes a few minutes just to get to the main menu. I really liked the game but it just takes too long to load on my computer. Plz help anyone.

Thanks NaTH98

Well, that may depend on the programs that run on the background, drivers and/or the limit of your hardware. I dunno, you have not give any information when this problem suddenly occurred and if you have tried to get the latest patches from Blizzard. What have you done and what specs does your system have?

Well I dont really know about that kind of stuff- the patches but ill have a look. I haven’t done anything else to try and fix it because i wasn’t really sure. Ive got a Pentium 4, 1.7 GHz with 1 Gig of ram. do u need anymore info on that?
Thanks for your help NaTH98

You probably only have an onboard video controller which will cause significant lags with graphics hungry games such as Diablo.

if you don’t want to look for the patches just log onto battle net in the game and it will update it for you automatically. The original Diablo 2 takes a hell of a long time to load without any patches installed, Another thing to do is get the rest of the files off the cd and put them into your Diablo 2 folder. Open the cd in explorer and open the install location and compare the files, you should have to copy over D2music and d2movies thats about it. This will make it faster as well.

I couldn’t find any of the files that you said but there were these files in both the install cd & the folder that it installed to- d2data, d2speech & d2sfx. ill try going on to battle net like you said.
Thanks for your help

It runs fine now thanks alot :clap:

no worries. Look on the play cd for those files d2music.mpq, d2video.mpq if they are already in your d2 folder thats cool but more than likely they are not. It really speeds it up a lot more when you copy them to the d2 folder as it doesnt have to access the cdrom to get the files which makes it choppy as all hell