Diablo 2 lod



how do i make a backup of diablo 2 lod?(stepby step please)? i tried with nero and clonecd it don’t work. i get an error that i need to put cd in and retry it doesn’t read the disk. i have tdk burner. thanks
i tried the search but it didn’t give me everything i needed.:confused:


According to my CloneCD Game Database, Diablo 2 is protected by Securom. This requires a CD-ROM drive that can read subchannel data because the protection is found in it. The best read setting if you are using CloneCD is:

Read subchannel from data track
Fast error skip
Intelligent bad sector scanner

Then you just burn the image onto a CD-R

That’s all to it.


That Diablo 2 expansions set doesn’t have any protection scheme…

So just use you protection scanner and If you don’t find any thing then just copy it using any software that you normaly use but if it find protection then use clonecd or unwarppers or cracks but clonecd works good if you just have good burner!!!

And cracks is easy to find just go www.gamecopyworld.com… or www-megagames.com!

But if you are newbie in burning stuff I recommend to use clonecd just few clicks and game works…

I just remembered when clonecd was underground program… I miss those times! :rolleyes:

But now days pussy is the good thing!!! :wink:


I assumed most games like that should have some type of copy protection.


It has the new Securom protection. For a backup use CloneCD with Read subchannel data from data tracks and Read subchannel data from audio tracks tagged on.


I was correct :slight_smile: