Diablo 2 LOD 1.11b

I have bought diablo 2 + lod retail cd-keys online with downloads of all the disks as ISO’s.

Now after i installed everything, with Mounting in Daemon tools i cant enter the game as it asks for the LOD Play disc :S

I know this is something happening after they patched to 1.11b.

And i know the disc is securom 4.47 protected or something.
I only got those iso discs and i payed what the game costs :confused: so any1 know a way around this problem?

I cant use any cracks, coz then i cant enter battlenet, and im going to play online ofcourse when i payed for my new cd-keys.

Plz help.

Regards Souley.

You should contact the one who sold you the ISO’s and ask him how you can play with them as you legally bought the game :wink:

They say its purpose is to give gamers an orpotunity to buy the cd-keys only when they have been banned or hacked or similar :confused:

so they cant help me get this to work :frowning:

any1 else know how to?

So where are your original discs? Using some ISOs won’t work…