Does anybody knows what protection is on
Diablo 2 beta CD.
I have these files on CDR but after installation program asks me about CD.

Diablo.2.CD-KEY: 4H26-MU2F-4N1S-5NUI

Thanks for Keys.
But I passed installation and have all runtime files on HD. And when I run Diablo2.exe I see message:
Wrong disk inserted. Please Insert Diablo II Beta CD in CD-ROM Drive.

My friend download this from the Web and burn then on CDR. CD label is Adaptec-like: 000425_1821. But I guess that this is protections. So, maybe somebody has a patch?

I don’t think Diablo 2 Beta works.
I’ve tried several ways, but i can’t get it to start either…
Installation (with crack or with CD-key) looks ok, but when i start the game by clicking Diablo2.exe the cd-rom spins for a few seconds, and then it stops…

I’ve heard several people say it doesn’t work. And after my own expiriences I gave up hope…

I’m sorry to say this, but it looks like it doesn’t work


Hi !

I don’t have it ! But I heared from someone on IRC that it is protected by SecruROM.

cyas neT

Well I have gotten it to work!!!

If you got a wroking copy of a burned iso-cd
then make a virtual cd of it with
Paragon CD Emulator…and then install from that and then you can get the game working but its no idea to try ...for the first if you dont have ONE VALID serialnummer you cant get out at all cause its only playable over Battle-net and i have tried several times at different times of the day but I have gotten the same message every Time

Your CD-key is in use. Please try again later!!! weell now you know ho to get it working