Diablo 2 3d Mode

I play Diablo 2 using the cracked file. When the video test is run, the best video mode to play suggested is 3d. But the game does not let me play in 3d and i play it in 2d. My display card is Asus v3800 with 16 Mb Sdram. Is there a problem with the display card or is it because of the cracked file.:confused:

Had the same problem initially with my geforce 2, downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers and this fixed the 3d problem within the game.:wink:

Moved: not a CloneCD question

O well… Don’t even bother to do so much for 3d mode. It is really no different than software render except for better FPS sometimes. Looks almost the same though. I couldn’t find any differences in visual quality…

Can someone help me with this title??

I’ve tried running it in both 2d and 3d video modes and it always gets to the same spot, then stops responding…about half way thru the loading screen…the one witht the light coming thru the doorway, after you have selected character, etc…

In the background, I hear the Windows error sound…just as it locks up…

Doesnt matter what version of the game either, same result from 1.00 to 1.09C…

Any ideas please…

Need more help that just where it freezes. Are you playing from backup? Are you using a no-cd? I recently (finally!) got LOD patched to run no-cd under XP Pro. Give me some details!

Yes, running from backup and yes i have tried numerous no-cd and fixed .exe patches.

Same result each time.

I’m really thinking its some sort of software conflict - it also brings up an error message saying “diablo server access error”.

This happens even when installing the single player mode.

Hmmmm…That sucks. Is that single player or multi? I’m helpful with single only :(. Diablo server access error sounds like a faulty address somewhere but im hazarding guesses there.
What I did down to the letter:

All possible installs
Patched to version 1.08 (not sure if later versions work with this crack, i think they do but im afraid of trying :slight_smile: )
followed directions of this crack http://dl.gamecopyworld.com/dl.cgi?D2ExRun!zip
played single player from backup cd under xp pro

I tried 5 different cracks before i found one that worked under XP. This one may be a fluke, as my hard drive is now formatted NFTS instead of FAT32 as it was before, but some cracks that matters, some it doesn’t. Good luck playing.