Diabetes - Saving the world from over-population

Hmm … Diabetes … a good thing or a bad thing … linky.

From a personal point of view, diabetes makes life inconvenient and much shorter … so it’s a bad thing.

From a species point of view … it generally afflicts people with poor lifestyles … aka, excessive eating, not enough exercise or just poor diet … so they die from diabetes related diseases (and hence gets rid of lazy people with bad habits) and so makes the population stronger as a whole.

Your opinions?

Diabetes have also a strong familiarity, and it’s not related only to poor lifestyles. I hope that I used the correct word. With “familiarity” I mean that diabetes arise more frequently in people that have other members in family affected.

Diabetes is also a real pain because of two reasons:

  1. therapy involves daily injections, and some people must have 4 or more injections [B]each day for all life[/B]. And this is a real torture

  2. it seems that pharmaceutical industries have no intention to find a cure, because give more money to force people buy insulin for all life than cure them definitely :wink:

I guess the words Hereditary & Genetic are the words you are looking for :wink:

Correct word is ‘Familiality’… ;), but yes, there is insulin dependent (IDDM - type 1) and non-insulin dependent (NIDDM - type 2).

We should hope this simplistic poll reflects type 2 diabetes, because AFAIK type 1 has no recognised life-style prognostic factors.

Gestational Diabetes what about those affected…meaning is it a kids fault while their mom is carring them that they get to be delivered early or even die because of it?

My opinion? I’m a lazy chainsmoking overeating western European and frankly i don’t care if my lifestyle is considered poor by others. I’ll probably die because of diabetes, prostate cancer or worse. I doubt anyone except my family and loved ones would really care if i die and how i will die.
I just know one thing: i try to live like i want to; lazy, chainsmoking and overeating. Remember how Jim Fixx died?

I must add to this that there are solutions to this now and in the very near future between the insulin pumps which are attached through a permanent tube, an insulin inhaler which has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (hereby referred to as the FDA), and a swallowable pill that is pending approval by the FDA.

Many people can control their diabetes simply through their diet as well by avoiding certain foods and/or limiting their comsumption of certain foods.