Di is back with uncapped and other stuff

MY ISP Gave a new optiom on all pacages
All capped uses will be softcapped .

Used all mt Data up in 3 days To see what the soft cap was like ( cant even open you tube )
After 3 hours on phone to ISP support changed my package to uncapped .

OK used W8 till it ran out … Love it Tried the Stardock 8 start and it Crashed my PC
totaly could not get into safe mode windows explorer cant start .

chose a hard drive start /recover Think is was from bios …
I love the start page …Tried classic shell :frowning:
still love w8 AND when my vists crashes I go 4 it ( motherboard )

MY Eldest son now in CapeTown just sent me 2 thousand rand to get me a bycicle
Please one Send me nice you tube links HD Some one uploaded a movie in you tube it said 4k

.Ill stick with the 1080p

Really great to see you back Di as I was just thinking about you yesterday. :flower:

Uncapped eh!

That’ll bump up your viewing times with ‘QI’ and ‘Would I lie to You’ etc. :slight_smile:

Check out ‘Not Going Out’ too as it’s a brilliant sitcom with Lee Mack and Tim Vine.

It’s another one of my favourites.


Sounds like a new & better time for you, Di. Every year or so, we read about threats of capping but so far popular threats to revolt have stemmed the tide. I’d love to see consumers form a united front on that issue, however, and remove the notion of Caps from the vendors’ lexicon entirely.

Good to see ya again di, was wondering where you were…:flower:

Happy to see you again Miss Di! :flower:

I was asking about you just the other day in the catbox, but no one had seen you out and about.

Good to see you are uncapped now. I am still with ATT and their 150gb cap…

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2680081] I am still with ATT and their 150gb cap…[/QUOTE]
Same as Kerry for my connection.
I don’t know if he is able to get a faster speed.
AT&T tells me that 768 K is a fast as they can provide in my area.
A tech of theirs that came out to fix a problem that was theirs said I should be able to get top speed since I’m only a half mile from a fiber optics box. So again AT&T will lie to customers about this.

Good to see your getting a good deal Di & good to see you back aruond.

My speed is 6mb down and .5mb up Cholla. It is the fastest tier offered out here in the boondocks.

You uncapped now eh Di? Woohoo, well worth the wait I reckon :bigsmile:

We were talking about your absence in the Catbox the other day, great to see you back :flower:

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2680087]My speed is 6mb down and .5mb up Cholla. It is the fastest tier offered out here in the boondocks.[/QUOTE]
Funny how I in town & I can’t get but the lowest teir.
Not too funny really .
population Kermit ,Texas 5763 you get top teir .
population Amarillo ,Texas 193,765 I get bottom tier.

I bet you are further from a fiber optics box that I am too.

Like I said the AT&T tech who came to find out why I lost my connection . It was a bad switch in their box. Said that I should be able to get the top teir being as close as I am to the box.
He didn’t know I had checked on this & been told the lowest teir is all that is available to my address. I confirmed this with a call the next day to AT&T. I didn’t tell them what the tech told me because I would hate to get someone that did me a good turn in trouble. It did let me know that AT&T has no problem lieing. I don’t understand the reason but that is what happened.

ComCast uncapped too, although I never used up the 250GB cap they used to have.

[QUOTE=olyteddy;2680111]ComCast uncapped too, although I never used up the 250GB cap they used to have.[/QUOTE]

Ya - me too-eh !!

Good to see you back, Di!