Di has a glitch in her life But NOT DOWN & OUT YET ♥

I am pasting this from FaceBook my Son Shaun wrote for me as most people dont have dicoders

[I]Hi everyone,

My mom (Diane) asked me to send this message out to friends of ours. She doesn’t like to state things bluntly, and would appreciate it if you could “read between the lines” here. In her words:

“I’ve seen a gynaecal oncologist and I will be starting radiation therapy from the 6th of October. Please ask everyone to keep me in their thoughts”.
Hope you got the picture…

Now, if you know mom, you’ll know she is a very bubbly, charismatic and positive person. So please keep her in your prayers for the next while.

YOUR bubbly, charismatic and positive support would be most welcome, and, of course, to keep her and us in (the happy side) of your thoughts :slight_smile:

She insists NO sad faces or such!

Lots of love
Shaun, Peter, Bradley and Diane[/I]

IM ok

Took a tooth acke and too bouts of antibotics to get me to my GP for a letter of referal to a Goverment Hospital ( I lost my Medical aid in 2004 when my husband passed away )

some fam members trying to tell me the syvival rate of stage 3b cancer . TOLD them to get lost . I cross one Bridge at a time. "Dont look to build bridges years down the line that the Glaciers havent even formed rivers yet "

Im on the footpath to the first brige 6 oct Catscan and 3 weeks intence Radiotheropy

love di

Sorry to hear Di My prayers are with you ,we get up one day at a time ,it’s a corn ball joke but " if I wake up in the mornin it’s gonna be a good day"And the aches and pains tell me I’m alive-more alive sometimes than others .I wish you all the luck in the world,O …love the in-bread cat post.Have you seen the JEDI cats on youtube

Di, I know you are a determined lady and you will beat this. You always make me smile, thanks. So you get well soon and I will pray for this. If we can do anything for you just ask. :flower::kiss:

Hey Di.
We´re here for you.
Hope you can keep on smiling.
Keep us up to date please.

Very sorry to hear that Di.

Postive thinking makes a massive difference and I know this is something you have in abundance.

You are such a positive person Di and such a positive influence here.

All our thoughts are with you and hopefully this will give you any additional strength you may need to help meet this challenge head on.

Deano has already sent you a bunch of flowers so if you don’t mind, I thought I’d send you a bunch of grapes instead. :wink:


Make sure everyone takes good care of you, and we’re here for you if you need us. :flower:


I’m sorry to hear you are ill, [B]Di[/B]. :flower::flower::flower::flower:
No doubt there will be difficult days and weeks ahead but I’m sure you can beat this illness, Di. :iagree:

Keep a positive mental attitude, and I hope you will soon be well.
I’ll be thinking of you. :flower:

I am extremely saddened to hear about this Di, but like Wendy said, a positive attitude is the best medicine, nowadays they have fantastic new treatments, and great new innovations in cancer treatment, if anyone can beat this Di, you can. You will be in my prayers.:flower:

Here’s hoping that your therapy will work out great and that your recovery will be speedy. You are and will be in my thoughts, Diane! :flower:

All I can do is wish I was there to give you a hug until you’re all better. (Of course, I might faint from finally meeting one of the awesome folks from here. :bigsmile:)

Love you, Di! sends hugs and smiles :slight_smile: :flower:

HeY Di ,
My prayers are with you & I hope they can cure you.
One of my grandmothers had what probably is a similar cancer . She lived about 2 & 1/2 years after her radiation treatments. About 1 & 1/2 in fair health. The last year she went constantly down hill but she was 82 when she died so I’m sure age was a factor.
On a more positive note the woman who was my “barber” ( she used the term hair stylist) for many years was diagnosed with leukemia. She did the chemotherpy & maybe some radiation. She has been in remission for 20 years now. So sometimes the cancer treatments do work. A lot of people don’t realize that leukemia is really blood or bone marrow cancer.

I’m so very sorry to hear this Diane. But if there is anything we can do for you, please let us know. You will be in our thoughts and I know everyone here wishes you a speedy recovery.


I’d like to try to make you feel better from top to bottom( it’s not toast but I’ve got the Blues for you.)( blue smile anyways)

Hey Di :flower:

Sorry to hear you’re ill (no sad faces as instructed!).

Sending out huge kitty-hugs to you, Shaun, Peter and Bradley, and of course positive vibes :flower:

My mum had cervical cancer back when I was 15, was quite advanced by the time she got around to having it investigated (like you, she went to the GP for something else).

After surgery and a course of radiotherapy, she got the all-clear 5 years later and 21 years later is still here to tell the tale - and endure many menopause jokes. :wink:

With your positive attitude and wicked sense of humour, I know you can beat this just as my mum did. You remind me of her in so many ways, just like her you’re also a very determined lady. I don’t think of you as my “online Mum” for nothing ya know :flower:

Please keep us updated, and take care of yourself :flower:


So sorry to hear that Di. From what I’ve seen of you around here I do believe in your strength. The best I can offer you is a paraphrase of a local radio commercial…‘Cancer is just a word, it doesn’t have to be a sentence’…:flower:

Ouch!!! I’m very sorry to hear that [B]Di[/B] :frowning:

Don’t even try to give up!! Fight the beast with all your energy!!! :a:a

We all are with you :flower:

Di I know you’ve been back to read your thread and hope you know how much you mean to most everyone here and were all rooting for you so promise us you’ll give them hell and don’t give up because strange things do happen.With the improvement in treatments and drugs who knows.I’m hopin they find a cure for Parkinson and their close.Hey I need some one that spells worse than me around here.And if your hair get s thin I won’t know it.

A smile is a light in the window of the soul indicating that the heart is at home. I’d love to see your smile, so i can smile back. :slight_smile:

Di! Kick butt and take names…
Best wishes to you and your family.
You will be in my thoughts and prayers…

Hello Di,

sad to hear this, I have no words.

Let us hope all goes well.