DHT Azureus help needed!?



Hi everyone. I am new to all this so hope i`m in the right place :confused: I am using Azureus to download items but constantly get DHT Firewalled,does anyone know how to get round this? I have TCP and UDP port open in firewall! Thanks in advance. :wink:


Hi have you tried allowing Azureus as an exception on your firewall


Azureus is open in exceptions!


Try Bitlord thats what I use now seems to be better than Azareus


bitlord is full of spyware and ads

(I use it too, but it’s not good for your computer…i’ve just been too lazy to switch haha)


Have just installed Bitlord and was connected to plenty of seeds and peers but that wouldnt download or upload either!


what kind of firewall are you using?

you said the program is allowed as an exception through your firewall.

have you correctly forwarded the ports through your router?

if those two settings are correct i can’t imagine what the problem might be unless your ISP has started limiting banwidth on popular known P2p ports, but this usually results in slow DLs/ULs not complete stoppages. if that’s the case, manually change the port or have the program sleect a new port to run through.


You should disable DHT anyway. Some trackers don’t like it & it maybe a security risk to you.