DHS warns that continued rootkit usage may lead to regulation

I just posted the article DHS warns that continued rootkit usage may lead to regulation.

 Following the recent security  issue Sony BMG caused with using rootkit technology, a US Department of Homeland  Security official has warned that if software distributors decide to continue ...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11518-DHS-warns-that-continued-rootkit-usage-may-lead-to-regulation.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11518-DHS-warns-that-continued-rootkit-usage-may-lead-to-regulation.html)

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I think that this is dumb in the first place. I thought it was (or should be if not) illegal for anyone to do anything to YOUR computer without YOUR consent. I see the installation of any software on your computer, without your knowlege, as spyware straight up. That’s exactly what Sunncomm’s software is, because it install’s even if you decline the EULA. Of course, if the RIAA would follow the rules and sell cd’s as what they should be, standard Red-Book audio cd’s, instead of making people believe that these copy-protected junk are cds, then there would be no problem because none of this computer spyware junk would be on the cd in the first place.

rootkit like technologies should be outlawed altogether. Make the companies work harder to get the perfect protection scheme without damaging computers. Its their profits they are protecting, and we shouldn’t be sacrificing our computers for their sake.

Instead of adding all this CRAP to cd’s, why dont they actually add something useful, like CD-Text on ALL CD’s, and record them in HDCD format… pfffffffffft.