Dhc014 - need help. Worried LDW-401S may be cactus =(




Need your opinion/help/wisdom on this.

Now, you will no doubt think of me as paranoid for this but over the past few hours I have noticed something odd with the LDW-401S.

I put a disc (just a CD-RW) in the drive this morning and the instant the tray closed it made a strange spin-up noise. It is only for a brief instant, but it is there none-the-less.

Its a slight “whirrr” noise. I cannot describe it any other way.

The only reason I noticed it was:

a) I had not noticed this noise on spinup before
b) My LTR48125W does not make this noise on spinup

Without actually seeing/hearing the drive, I realise it is difficult to make any prediction…

Does your drive make a slight whirrr noise when it spins up?

This question goes out to others with the drive also.

Thanks. :bow:

OK. After some investigation, I asked the guy down the road with an LDW-401S what his did. He described it as a GRRRRR noise on spinup - only lasted about one second however. This sounds like my drive too. (After comparison).

I guess the logical assumption to make is that this is normal operational sound. (One would hope…)


Read here.

If you have not owned a Lite-On DVD-ROM (this tech is probably also included in the DVD-Writers form Lite-On, although it’s not mentioned in the specs) you are probably not used to this sound, but it’s normal :wink:


It still works, right?


:). It does indeed still work. The sound did strike me as a little odd at first, but OC-Freak soon explained that.

Just seemed a little odd as I couldnt recall my DVD - 166S doing that.

All is well though.


the ABS system is present in the 166S as well.