DH52C2P Combo Drive won't burn at 52X

I recently installed a Lite-on DH52C2P Combo drive to replace an older burner that died. I am using Nero Burning Rom The drive is installed as the master drive and is the only thing installed on the primary ide channel. When I prepare to burn a session, the drive speed as indicated on the burn tab is listed as 52X but as soon as I insert any media, it reverts to 48X. The 52X option disappears and only 48X and lower speeds are available. I have even tried it on the other ide port with no difference. I have tried both TDK and Memorex 52X media with the same result. I also returned the drive to the place of purchase and exchanged it for another one (same model) with the same results. My old combo drive which finally died, did work at 52X in the same system. It was a different model. I realize the difference between 52X and 48X is only about eight seconds when burning a full disk but I really would like to know why the drive won’t burn at 52X. Anybody got any ideas or suggestions?

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any burner’s firmware contains a list of supported media and instructions how to burn them, including the maximum speed supported for each kind of media.

The discs you are using are only supported at 48x by your burner’s firmware. It does not matter if the manufacturer prints something like [B]up to[/B] 52x on the box.

There is nothing wrong with your drive, it just considers your discs as not good enough to be burnt at 52x.


Thanks for the info. Other than trial and error, how can I find out what brand of media my drive will burn at 52X?

[quote=Bolt Upright;2130827]Thanks for the info. Other than trial and error, how can I find out what brand of media my drive will burn at 52X?[/quote]There is only trial&error, at least most of the time.
Brand names are not helpful at all, since most brand buy what is available on the market and slap their logo on it.

Best bet is Taiyo Yuden (TY) made media, this is known to be the best stuff available.

Please also note, that most experienced users burn their CDs at speeds in the range of 16x-32x (dpending on the drive and media), since burn quality is normally not so good at higher speeds.


Thanks again for the help. This is kind of what I suspected and I really don’t need to burn that fast anyway, but I wanted to know why the drive was behaving that way. It is good to know that nothing is actually wrong with it.