DH20A4P I need to alter media write speeds in firmware

I have a DH20A4P. I need to alter media write speeds in firmware. I can’t seem to get omnipatcher to work. please help. I have memorex dl-dvds that are supposed to burn at 2.4x - 8x but the drive doesn’t want to do it below 4x and I have to burn at the lowest speed possible for my xbox 360 backups of my originals i have bought. PLEASE HELP!!! There has to be a way I hope I didn’t just spend $50 on a bunk burner.

You cant use omnipatcher on the newer liteon drives.

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Don’t use Memorex DL media. Use Verbatim. It’s just better quality all around.

If you must try to give your media a better burn strategy [I’d personally just return them], you can use MCSE. (search the forum)

And the lower burning = better quality thing is a myth when you’re using GOOD media. [Lowering the speed may save you on bad media, but it still doesn’t make for a quality burn]. http://club.cdfreaks.com/f33/slow-write-speeds-modern-drives-modern-media-no-good-247643/ Write your DL media at 4x, 6x, or 8x, depending on what gives you the best results.

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