DH20A4P doesn't work with Sony CD-R Music

I have a spindle of Sony 50CRM80RS which this drive refuses to acknowledge the existence of, blank or burned. Firmware is stock 9P59

Is there any modded firmware that will make this drive work with this Sony media? The same discs are burning fine in a TSST TS-H653Q and a Matshita UJ8C2

Is it the media or just the drive? Might there be any problems of some CD players not working with it? I’d think of all brands, SONY should work with all the drives. I’m doing live concert audio CDs for cowboy comedian Rudy Gonzales. cowboyrudy.com

The first question of the day is: Why did you purchase “Music” CD-Rs when you’re writing discs with a drive that doesn’t require them??

I didn’t buy the discs.

CD-R comes in two flavors, CD-R for General use and CD-R for Audio use. The Sony 50CRM80RS is a type of CD-R for Audio which is designed for use in stand-alone CD recorders.
Stand-alone CD recorders require the use of special CD-R for Audio type of media and refuse to record to CD-R for General discs…

Further to this, many types of “CD-R for Consumer Audio” discs use materials that are designed for low speed writing on older drives. Can you please supply the ATIP information for the discs in question?


Don’t have the discs now. I burned 25 as CD-Audio and Rudy took them and the remaining 25 blanks when he paid for the job.

The drives that did work with them had no problem burning and verifying at high speeds with imgburn. Hopefully drives that don’t work with this particular media are few and far between.