DH20A4H reports "Error reading EEPROM from drive."



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I have been using a LDW-411s for years. It had been giving me bad burns in the last few weeks.:sad: I purchased a new LiteOn (DVD A DH20A4H QP57 2007/11/20 19:35) as a replacement. The first thing I wanted to do was backup the eeProm. When I use the EEPROM utility’s backup function I get an “Error reading EEPROM from drive.” It also takes almost a full minute to read the root directory from a known good CD-R (sony).

I’m beginning to suspect my problem lies with the drivers (XP Prof sp2) or the PATA bus on the mother board (Biostar TForce 550SE).

:confused:Thoughts, Suggestions, Tips???


Try updating the firmware to QP59.


I wouldn’t do anything with a new Lite-On until I have that EEPROM backup. Try in Windows Safe Mode (F8 at boot), as nForce chipsets of late haven’t been the most compatible. Also update your chipset drivers and/or alternate between nVidia and Microsoft IDE drivers to see which work best.


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Where can i get the QP59 firmware ?

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