DH20A3P suddenly burns all DVD RW media at 4x

Does anyone know what’s going on here? My drive will recognize the supported burning speeds of 6x DVD-RW and 8x DVD+RW, as shown in this image (in the log), but it has suddenly started burning them at 4x instead, which produces unreadable results with the 8x DVD+RW. :confused:

The media I’m using is RICOHJPN-W21 and RITEKW06.

Now it seems to be working fine again!


Edit: Spoke too soon. Now it’s burning an 8x DVD+RW at 4x again. :frowning:

FULL FORMAT them, then try again.

I already did for the DVD+RW media. The first full format I tried went at 4x (judging by noise produced and time taken). Later, I tried it again and the drive formatted the disk at 8x, but when I tried burning some data to it afterward, it burned at 4x again.

I would just buy new RW media…