DH20A3L burning problem after crossflashing



Hi guys, looks like I’m screwed :slight_smile:

Reflashed AD-7191S to DH20A3L with EV64 HT706 from here

All was fine, drive change name to ATAPI DVD A DH20A3L EV64, disks reads excellent… but when I try to burn something both NERO and ImgBurn just stuck at “Writing LeadIn…” and then cancel the process.

Still can read/write my firmware, checksum etc. but all LiteOn unofficial utilities like “Flash Utility” or “EEPROM Utility” can’t see my drive.

Official LiteOn firmware utility show the Error message: No matched drive detected!

Official SMART-BURN Media Check and Bitsetting Utility works.

Are drive is dead as CD/DVD-writer or is there any hope?

Can someone share with me AD-7191S firmware in BIN format? :slight_smile:



Do you still need the .bin?



No thanks, I fixed it already! :wink: