DH20A1S drive

Does anyone knows what exactly is this drive? I just got what was labeled LITE ON SH-20A1S-15C, DVDInfo Pro says it’s DH20A1S, firmware UX11, which I can’t find at lite-on site.

Same as LH-20A[B]1[/B]S (plus LightScribe support???). Note, don’t think stock LH firmware can be flashed on DH drives.
Maybe [I]C0deKing[/I] will fill in with details shortly. :slight_smile:

BTW, DH-20A[B]3[/B]S is not the same hardwarewise AFAIK.

This one doesn’t have lightscribe. By it’s capabilities it seems to be same as LH-20A1S, but it has different firmware, and of course, doesn’t take LH-20A1S firmware. Only DH I found on Lite-on site is 20A3S, maybe I should try crossflashing and see what that does.

DH-xxA1x drives are crossflashable to their LH counterparts.

I’ve a drive with the DH-prefix, and I’m working with the LH firmware right now. I believe there are others here with the DH drive working on LH counterpart firmware.

It’s only the xxA3x series that you can’t crossflash to from the xxA1x series (and vice versa) (different chipset).

thanks, I’ll try crossflashing it to LH-20A1S

Hmm, how did you flash it to LH firmware? I’ve tried patching 9L08 stock firmware with omnipatcher but omnipatcher doesn’t recognize this firmware. Same with Flashfix utility.

I extracted bin file from exe of 9L08 firmware. Would it be enough to flash this bin file with Flash Utility? I’ve already made backup of the original UX11 firmware.

If someone is interested here is firmware and eeprom of this drive


Yes, I extracted the BIN and used Flash Utility to flash it, but Flash Ut. is able to use the .EXE files off of the CodeGuys site as it would a normal .BIN file (there really was no reason to extract the bin, except so I wouldn’t confuse the scrambled and unscrambled .EXE files).

OmniPatcher only works on 3S and earlier drives’ firmwares. I’d assume FlashFix is the same.

Solo761, I think [I]wallace0134[/I] ment you’ll have to use codeguys flashfixed firmware or extracted .bin firmware and Flash Utility. :bigsmile:
Stock firmware is nogo, as already posted above.


I know I can’t use just plain LH stock firmware, it won’t recognize the drive as supported. I just wanted to know if there’s some other catch, or just forcing the LH flash into the drive. Thanks.

No catch. Just Flash Utility + BIN or Flash Utility + CodeGuys unscrambled EXE and you are good to go. No mods required, since it is the same drive. :flower:

did anyone try this? I am worried that if I flash I loose my drive… also LiteOn has a firmware update and its exe only…

how do i extract the bin out of the exe? the XFlash utility will not extract the firmware

firmware in unencoded format can be found here http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares.html

you can also extract the bin file from it…

the question that remains… when I flash will it kill my drive or work? And is it easy to recover the drive in DOS with that other tool from a USB stick?

Well, it didn’t kill mine so it probably won’t kill yours. Nonetheless I did used FLASH Utility to save original firmware (so I could restore it with XSF utility if need be), and I also saved it’s eeprom with EEPROM Utility. Luckily they weren’t needed.

I did it and it worked… thanks!

It works to me too : i bought a no-name DVD recorder DH-20A1S and it doesn’t recognized my Intenseo DVD rewritable :frowning:

I flashed my device with the 20A1S.9L08.stock.exe firmware (thanks to CDFreaks’s Flash_Utility.exe).

My device became a Lite-on DVDRW LH-20A1S (9L08 version).

Finally, I upgraded it to the Lite-on site’s latest version for my LH-20A1S (http://www.liteonit.com/DOWNLOADS/ODD/LH-20A1S/firmware/9L09.zip).

That’s all folks !

Thanks for this post.

I also have this unmarked DH20A1S drive, and it would not write to the Aone DVD-R I got from ebuyer here.

I did the same thing as mercucio above, and flashed my drive to 20A1S.9L09, but it still won’t accept this blank media.

I’ve got 100 of these disks and I can’t write to them (confirmed they work okay in my brothers PC though).

Anyone able to help?

Flash Utility 3.0.3 does not recognise my DH20A1S SATA drive. It reports ‘No CDR / DVD drives were found’

Whats happening?