DH16W1P dvd drive problem

hi all, new here and i am in need of help, i have a DH-16WIP dvd burner, i tried to flash a non compatible firmware and ended up bricking the drive, so my friend recovered the drive in mtk dos program so it was visable in windows then flashed the eeprom i had backed up previously before hand along with the lg12 firmware.

The drive is now ejecting, and windows has the drive in device manager but it has a blinking front light and does not recognize any disks.

any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance

This is my eeprom back up from before i tried flashing, i tried upgrading converting and repairing but all fail in eeprom utility, could some one tell me what program would let me know if the file is just full of zeros, as i cant figure out why its not working or what to use myself in order to check eeprom files.

Also i apologize in advance if this is posted wrong but i could not edit my last post.

thanks again

my eeprom.zip (1.58 KB)