I would like to flash my DH16A1S back to a liteon drive does anyone know what firmware I would use or the model of the liteon Drive? I appreciate your help.


What do you mean back to Liteon. It IS a Liteon.

I cant find any firmware updates for it and would like to remove the rip lock and region code off the drive from all the reading I have found this is a liteon clone put out by acer.

Maybe not supported any longer. Have you tried the Acer site? Also, what does it show up as in Windows??

DH16A1S is probably [usually] a downclocked 20A1S for use in OEM systems [where people like Acer don’t want complains about poor DVD write quality, noise, etc]. The 16A1S, as is, has little to no support from LiteOn.

There might not be [shouldn’t be; usually isn’t] a riplock to remove on these drives [the A1 series], and any methods required to remove RPC1 protection can be done with original firmware still on the drive, in most/all cases.

Just to add to Alberts post have a read here and see if these tools work for you > http://club.cdfreaks.com/f44/bitsetting-utility-regionfreeing-utility-94193/#post508389

It shows up as an ATAPI DVD A DH16A1S HA11 and yes I have tried Acer’s site they have no support for it or my MOBO.

I have a NEC VL260 PIV with an ATAPI DVD A DH16A1S. It read CD but dont recognise CD or DVD to be writed… Have you a solution for that problem ?