DH-22A9P what is it and what firmware is there for it?

i just got a DH-22A9P drive. I’m assuming it is a lite-on, looks like one and the model# is dead on a lite-on. the FW with it now is 6P58. i haven’t been able to find much out about this drive. most everything i have found has been in Japanese??? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

DH-22A: iHAxy22
parallel, no labeling features: x=P; y=1(?)
9: 9

Based on that, I’d go with the iHAP122 9 (as opposed to the older iHAP122 8 with different hardware and different firmware). I would verify the “1” in the model name, but I assume that the drive had no LightScribe or other labeling capabilities & thus shares the same hardware all around with the iHAP122 9.