DH-20A4P vs LH-20A1P



I’m looking to replace a fried out el cheapo burner in my 2nd PC, which unfortunately does not have SATA onboard. I’m looking mostly at burn quality as the deciding factor in my decision.

Both the DH-20A4P and LH-20A1P I’ve found can be delivered at approximately USD $30, including shipping and tax.

Does anybody have any recommendations? Both seem to be fairly decent drives.


both of the drives have similar hardware, infact i have a 20A1P but have it flashed with 20A4P firmware. when i was using the drive for burning i received better results with 20A1P firmware. now i only use it for ripping and quality scanning and prefer the 20A4P firmware.

i only burn with Pioneer 115D, however these drives are becoming hard to find.

another really good burner is the Optiarc 7200, actually there are many here at cdfreaks who beleive the 7200 is the best burner they have owned.